For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q: Is the resort fee included in the Log Cabin, Yurt or Camping site Rental?

A: No, The fee is a per person/per night fee. We collect it at the time of check in so we don’t charge for people who do not show.

Q: Do you have group rates?

A: Yes, Monday through Thursday only (excluding holidays).  Please contact us at 208-851-2126 for help making those reservations.

Q: Do you offer Scout group rates or Group rates?

A: We do not offer Scout group rates specifically, but we do offer group rates of $1.00 off groups of 10 or more and $2.00 off groups of 20 or more. Monday through Thursday excluding holidays and must be paid for with one check.

Q: If my child is potty trained do they need a swim diaper?

A: All children under the age of 3 must wear a swim diaper at all times when in the water, potty trained or not.

Q: Can I bring food & drinks into the Hot Pools?

A: YES, We do allow outside food and drinks into our facilities.  For the safety of others, we DO NOT allow Glass or Alcohol or BBQ’s.  Patrons are not allowed to eat while sitting in the pools.

Q:  Can I come into the hot pools after having alcoholic beverages?

A: NO, for your safety and safety of others it is not safe to combine alcohol and hot water. No exceptions!

Q:  Do you have Lockers to lock up your personal items?

A:  YES, we provide lockers for your use, there is a $1.00 fee per use.  We are not responsible for items left, lost or stolen.

Q: Do you have lodging at your facility?

A: Yes, we do have lodging and camping site for rent on this site. Vacation Rentals

Q: Can I bring in Shade Tents, Tables & Chairs? – A: Yes, we DO allow you to bring in tables or chairs and shade tents,  We have a few lawn chairs and picnic tables at the pool and they are first come first serve.

Q: Do you allow flotation devices?

A: YES, We do allow floatation devices for children in the hot pools lifejackets, arm bands or water rings up to 24”in diameter.  We do not allow large tubes, layout inflatable devices or water noodles in the hot pools, but they are welcome in the Large pool.

Q: Can I drop my kids off at the pool without adult supervision?

A: No, Children 11 years and younger must be accompanied by an adult at all times in our hot pools facility.

Q: What is the temperature of your hot pools?

A:  The hot pools start at 112⁰ down to 95⁰.

Q: Do you close the hot pools due to inclement weather and can I get a refund?  A:  Rarely, do we close for inclement weather and refunds are NOT given due to inclement weather – Rain, thunder, lightning, and snow etc., no exceptions.  The hot pools rarely close due to weather but may if the employees feel the lightening is too close and unsafe.  We are open every day of the year.

Q: Do you have campsites that we can reserve for a family reunion or party?

A:  Yes, We have 2 large campsites we reserve for family reunions etc. Contact us to make a reservation 208-851-2126, or go to our Vacation Rentals and book your reunion.

Q: Can I bring in my dog or any other pets?

A: Pets are allowed, but there is a $25 dollar fee per pet per stay and they must be kept on a leash.

Q: Can pregnant women go into the Hot Pools?

A: Per our guidelines we do not recommend pregnant women to soak in the hot pools and suggest you speak with your physician before doing so.

Q: Can I take my 10 year old son into the women’s dressing rooms with me OR Can I take my 10 year old daughter into the men’s dressing rooms with me?  What are the age restrictions?

A: Boys, 4 years and older will use the  men’s dressing rooms only. The Men’s dressing rooms have showers and restrooms.  Girls, age 4 years and older will use the women’s dressing rooms only.  The women dressing rooms have showers and restrooms.  Guidelines only, Special circumstances will occur.  Exceptions may be made for the handicap.

Q: Do you have massage therapy there?

A:  We do not currently have a massage therapist.

Q: Can I smoke at your facilities?

A:  NO, we do not allow smoking or Vapors on or near our Hot Pools or Swimming Pools.

Q: Are you handicap accessible? 

A: Our large pool is handicap accessible.

Q: Can we bring Waive Runners and Water Crafts? 

A: Water crafts are not to be used on the river in our facility or docked along our shoreline. This helps keep everyone safe that are using the non-motorized water crafts that can be rent at our facility or brought with you.

You may use waive runners and other motorized water crafts on the Oneida Narrows Reservoir a couple miles down the road.

Q: Do you have RV Hook-ups? 

A: No, you do need to be self contained.

Q: Can we use ATV (4-Wheelers, Side by Sides, Dirt Bikes) at the campground, and are there trails close by? 

A:  To ensure the peace and beauty of this amazing place we do not allow the use of ATV’s (4-wheelers, side by sides or dirt bikes) on the premesis. The closest trails are about 45 minutes away.