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from $79 per /nt

How to buy generic propecia - Where do you buy your propecia

Property Description

Yurts are comfortable, they connect you with nature and are extremely convenient to stay in. They bring people together by encourages storytelling and games because you are all in one room.

Property Details

This Yurt sleeps 2 comfortably. The full size bed is fully furnished and there is a heater for those colder nights. We supply complementary spring water from our own natural fresh spring.
The yurt is located close to the Mineral Hot Pools with a nice view of the Oneida Narrows Reservoir and the beautiful mountains.

Overnight Grounds Fee $10 per adult per day, $7 per day for children ages 2 - 12.‚Äč

There is a Pet Fee of $25 per pet per visit and the pet must be kept on a leash.


  • Hiking
  • Heated Pool
  • Wildlife Viewing
  • Mountain
  • Waterfront
  • Attractions - Autumn Foliage
  • Heating
  • Attractions - Forests
  • Bird Watching
  • Canoe
  • Horseshoes
  • Fishing Fly
  • Fishing Freshwater
  • Mountain View


Daily Rate: $79 per night
- Rate varies due to seasonality and holidays.
- Please select your dates on our online booking calendar for an exact quote.

Availability & Booking Calendar


Idaho Lodging Tax - 8.00%
Cancellation Policy
With our Specialty Enclosed Rentals there is a $25 cancellation fee for cancelling at any time. When cancelling with-in 48 hours the fee is 50% of booking. When cancelling with-in 24 hours there is no refund.

With our Campsites there is a $5 cancellation fee for cancelling at any time. When cancelling with-in 48 hours the fee is 50% of booking. When cancelling with-in 24 hours there is no refund.
Last updated 06/13/2018
Deposit Policy
Credit card will be charged with-in 24 hours of booking for the Enclosed Rental or campsite. The Resort Fee is per person and will be charged at check-in.
Last updated 06/13/2018

Property Location

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